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Lemon Law
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Santa Rosa Lemon Law & Dealer Fraud Attorney Services

If you have a problem after you purchase a vehicle, it is typically because of either: (1) the car, or (2) the dealership.  Let our team of attorneys go to work for you.

Lemon Law Attorney

Many clients come to us after many frustrating months of working with the dealership service personnel and the manufacturer's customer assistance department.  If we accept your case, you can typically expect results in 30-60 days at no cost to you.  If you think your car is a lemon, call our offices to schedule a consultation appointment today.

Dealer Fraud/Disputes

For greater detail on our dealer dispute services, you can also see us on the web at www.StopVehicleFraud.com.  Many disputes with dealerships are minor errors or omissions on the part of the dealership.  Sometimes the dealership cannot obtain financing for you after you have already had the car for a number of weeks.  But we frequently have clients with greater problems with the dealership.  You can also read the blog at www.StopVehicleFraud.info

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Hendrickson Law Group, PC is located near the corner of E Street and Sonoma Avenue in Santa Rosa.. 

(707) 540-6199
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